Originally from Sydney, Australia, Pete Stone has been an award winning advertising & location photographer-director for over 25 years shooting around the world for such notable clients as Boeing, Delta Airlines, America Airlines, Sheraton Hotels, Hertz, Holland America Line, Nike, American Express, Pepsi, Nikon, W.L. Gore, Comcast, Intel, DeLoitte Consulting and many more. He has also photographed assignments for publications such as Outside, Sports Illustrated, and Sunset magazine.

Specializing in shooting on location, his travels have taken him as far afield as Johannesburg, Hanoi, Shanghai, Venice, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Mexico City, Caracas, Cook Islands, Tokyo, Paris, Capri, Monument Valley, Fiji, Bangkok, New Delhi, Munich, Basel, Panama, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Virgin Islands, Jaipur, Rangoon, Ho Chi Minh City, Macau, and The Greek Islands to name but a few.

In addition to his travel work, his subjects have included such celebrities as Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, Timothy Dalton, Little Richard, Charles Barkley and Andre Aggasi.

Pete's primary visual focus is people on location, urban landscapes, and travel/tourism. He has recently begun shooting motion, in addition to his still imagery.

When not traveling, he resides in Portland Oregon with his wife Linda and 2 daughters Olivia and Anna.